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For every baby born, every marriage celebrated, and every home purchased in Buncombe County, Drew’s office ensures your vital information is accurately documented, securely protected, and easily accessible.

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Your Register of Deeds office is the branch of local government responsible for recording, indexing, and storing authentic official copies of public records, including but not limited to births, marriages, deaths, and property transfers. You might visit the office or its website to research your genealogy or to obtain a copy of the deed to your property. All of the records in the office belong to the public and are entrusted to the elected Register of Deeds for management and safekeeping.

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Drew Reisinger has served as your Register of Deeds since 2011, during which time Buncombe County has experienced a historic increase in the number of marriage licences issued and an upsurge in real estate transactions. Drew’s effective leadership and use of innovative technology has helped meet these demands while increasing convenience for the public and the professionals who frequent his office and use its website. You can read more about Drew's accomplishments and goals for his office here.

Drew is running for re-election in 2024 because he loves serving the people of Buncombe County as the steward of our vital public records. Drew will continue to deliver the service and stewardship that residents deserve and have come to expect from the Register of Deeds office.

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